CMT Router Bits

If you’re looking for the right fine wood tool then you should consider looking at a CMT router bit, CMT manufacturers have a large number of router bits to help people in fine woodwork, cabinet making, workshop work, bits range, from raised panel bits used for making cabinets to solid carbide bits used for advanced CNC machines.

What are CMT router bits?
Router bits are a cutting tool that people use alongside routers in order to rout out some spaces on the surfaces of hard work pieces, most people use routers for woodworking such as carpentry and cabinetry, you can also use such cutting devices on plastics, metals and other materials, however people use these cutters for joinery, designing ornate effects or embellish work pieces with décor. When you select the right CMT bit  you’ll be able to shape trim and cut work pieces.

You can find numerous profiles of these bits and that you can custom fabricate to come up with virtually every conceivable profile of your choice. There are many different types of CMT router bit820270 300x300 CMT Router Bitss, different bits are used for different purposes, a well made router should maintain its original sharp edge and be well balanced, this helps in producing a bit that is capable of lasting longer than others do, a router bit should have less vibration while in use. When you select low quality bits they will surely chip easier, shatter more easily and wear faster than high quality ones.

CMT router bits construction
Drill bits are often fabricated using three compositions, solid carbide, carbide tips, or solid high speed steel (HSS). The most affordable ones are HSS bits, which dull quickly. HSS are utilized primarily in soft work pieces and for trimming laminate. A carbide tipped bit is the extremely universal type because it is durable and performs relatively perfect in every application. Unlike HSS bits, these are relativeCMT 891.521.11 2 219x300 CMT Router Bitsly expensive, but they are capable of handling hard materials while at the same time retaining their sharp edges for long periods. Finally, solid carbide bits are highly priced and produce excellent results. Some people argue that the solid carbide is superfluous, but they deliver high quality results and are durable. Since they are highly priced, they are commonly used by highly practiced woodworkers.

The speed of CMT router bits
Router bits spin at extremely high speeds in order to shape, trim and cut efficiently. The speed ranges from 8,000 RPM until 30,000 RPM. More so, their sizes and shapes are different, which implies that they cannot spin at similar speed levels. Select the CMT router bits that meet your workshop requirements and needs.

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  1. Hernanie Gervoso says:

    Sir,mam you have raised panel bits

  2. R H says:

    Good day
    We need a low profile screw for an CNC Arbor 1/2 inch shaft . useing a 1/4 inch slot cutter.
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